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Every New Year’s Day, my timeline is filled with New Year’s resolutions and claims that the next year will be “the very best one yet.” My peers are going to get in shape, eat healthier and study harder. They also, often times, reflect on the geopolitical landscape of the previous year.


The most basic problem with thinking about candidates in terms of likability is that it prioritizes charisma over a candidate’s policies, temperament, experience, values and vision for the country.

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Kendall Hecker

Despite the fervor with which I despise the manic pixie dream girl archetype, I have always found the film “(500) Days of Summer” to be undeniably charming.


It’s 2007, and a bored middle schooler sits in front of the computer looking for some kind, any kind, of entertainment. Faced with the blank Google bar, there is only one logical place to go: YouTube.


The sometimes contentious relationship between free speech and academic equity at the University of Michigan came to a head this week.

Survivors Speak

Over the past few years, both students and administrators at the University of Michigan have addressed on-campus sexual assault through new policies and ongoing activism.

Hannah Harshe

In 2017, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank said  President Donald Trump’s “pro-business” policies are “a real asset” to the country, and Under Armour stock 

Amanda Zhang

Too often women neglect the sexism we ourselves propagate. It is easy to blame day-to-day adversities on the patriarchy when it is such an obvious source of culpability.

Gotcha journalism mars public service

When I retired from Washington politics a year ago, I thought I had finally separated myself from click-driven “gotcha” journalism that is making public service a challenge. Unfortunately, I now find myself and my alma mater struggling uphill against an all-too-familiar media obsession.