Chris and Mya Hinton are apprehensive about football players' return to campus.

Despite being optimistic about conference-only play, Chris and Mya Hinton still have concerns.

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Daily sports writer Daniel Dash and managing sports editor Ethan Sears join daily sports writer Kent Schwartz to talk about Isaiah Livers' choice to come back to Michigan and what that means for the basketball team's ceiling and floor next year. Mixed in is a breakdown of both football and men's basketball recruiting. Then they discuss the possibility of a fall season.

Coach Jim Harbaugh has been in constant contact with parents over Michigan's plans for a return.

On Thursday afternoon, just one day after he went viral for saying, “There’s no expert view right now that I’m aware of that sports is going to make (COVID-19) worse,” Jim Harbaugh sat down for a Zoom call with all of his players’ parents.

Michigan's immediate Big Ten play can throw position battles into overdrive.

In a decision that created more questions than it answered, the Big Ten Conference ruled in favor of a conference-only schedule for all fall sports on Thursday.

Athletic director Warde Manuel and the Big Ten still have questions to answer.

Questions raised after Big Ten statement on football schedule.

Michigan will play an in-conference schedule.

Just one day after Jim Harbaugh said he would “want the responsibility of keeping our players safe and educating them” by having a football season, the Big 10 is planning to play a conference-only schedule, if the season happens at all.

As first reported by ESPN, the ruling will extend to all fall sports, affecting men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s cross country, field hockey and volleyball.

Coach Jim Harbaugh caused a stir on Twitter with his mischaracterized statements about COVID-19.

“COVID is part of our society,” he said in a Zoom call with media earlier in the day. “Wasn’t caused by football or caused by sports. And there’s no expert view right now that I’m aware of that sports is going to make that worse. It’s part of our society, we’re going to have to deal with it.”
The uproar was predictable.
Except, well, that wasn’t really what he said. At least, it wasn’t all of what he said. Or even close to all of what he said.

Football coach Jim Harbaugh never heard of any problems with Dr. Anderson.

Jim Harbaugh said he never saw, or heard, anything inappropriate surrounding the late Dr. Robert Anderson, the former University of Michigan doctor accused of sexual abuse by an ever-growing number of people, including ex-football players.

Football coach Jim Harbaugh did not sign a contract extension this spring due to COVID-19.

Harbaugh’s current contract, which runs until the end of the 2021 season, would see him paid $8.05 million this year if not for a 10 percent pay cut agreed to due to the financial deficit facing the athletic department. Instead, Harbaugh will get $7.245 million this year.

Jim Harbaugh spoke in his first press conference this year.

Harbaugh holds hopes to play fall season.