Student Government

Senior Policy Advisor Ben Keller leads the discussion of reading days before and after school breaks at the Central Student Government meeting Monday.

In its second meeting of the semester, the University Council assembled Monday night to discuss student break reform, an anti-Semitism training and the Big Te

This past Saturday, the student governments of all Big Ten universities met for the annual Association of Big Ten Students winter conference at Michigan State University.

LSA Student Government convened for the first meeting of the winter semester Wednesday evening to discuss three upcoming resolutions regarding the academic calendar and building conditions at the University of Michigan.  

LSA sophomore Izzy Baer discusses plans to implement a mentorship program in a CSG meeting at the Union Tuesday.

The University Central Student Government convened for the first meeting of the semester on Tuesday evening to discuss the veto of the student funding resolution from last

Robert Sellers, Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion, speaks to the Central Student Government University Council at the Union Monday.

The University of Michigan’s University Council convened on Monday night for its first biweekly meeting of the semester, discussing topics including the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and changes to the academic calendar.

Central Student Government President Anushka Sarkar vetoed a resolution that would compensate CSG representatives in a statement Friday.

Central Student Government President Anushka Sarkar, an LSA senior, vetoed resolution A.R. 7-026, which called for the use of University of Michigan funding to compensate CSG members for their work.

Central Student Government President Anushka Sarkar recaps the semester at the CSG meeting in the Union Tuesday.

The University's Central Student Government convened Tuesday evening for its last meeting of the semester to pass a resolution seeking University funding to compensate CSG students for their work.

After spending the winter semester of 2017 campaigning for Central Student Government leadership on the three pillars of voice, opportunity and momentum, the eMerge pa

During its weekly meeting, Central Student Government proposed resolutions to compensate its assembly members financially and to create a student Regent that would serve on the University of Michigan’s Board of Regents.