Student Government

Engineering junior Tania Haddad oversees the meeting in the CSG Chambers on January 31, 2017.

During Central Student Government’s Tuesday meeting, a resolution to support the creation of a Middle Eastern and North African racial category on University of Michigan documents passed unanimously.

LSA sophomore Eli Schrayer talks with students at Emerge's meet and greet in the Annenberg Auditorium in the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy on Wednesday.

Members of eMerge, a student-run political party campaigning for Central Student Government, kicked its campaign off with a meet-and-greet for interested students to learn more about the party’s core team members and platform.

CSG President David Schafer discusses his decision to veto the Israel-Palestine lunches in the Union on Tuesday.

resolution to fund lunches to strengthen the dialogue between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel students on campus was 

Anushka Sarkar walked out early from the first Central Student Government mass meeting she attended freshman year. None of the faces in the room, she found, looked like hers. No representative present shared her Indian-American heritage, and barely any attendees were students of color at all.

The Emerge party announced their candidacy for Central Student Government at Ross on Monday.

With the current administration nearing its end, the first campaign for the University of Michigan’s Central Student Government launched Monday night.

Two hundred students gathered in the MLB as CSG debated a resolution that called on the University to divest its investments in several companies that allegedly commit human rights violations against Palestinians on November 16, 2016.

LSA senior David Schafer, Central Student Government president, vetoed the Israeli-Palestinian lunch resolution, which sparked a heated debate within the student government, Monday afternoon.

Miclan Quorpencetta, LSA Representative, discussing aligning the University's schedule with the Ann Arbor public school schedule in the CSG Chambers on January 31, 2017.

The University of Michigan’s Central Student Government hosted a Twitter town hall Thursday afternoon, asking students and other CSG members to submit questions to Regents Shauna Ryder Diggs (D) and Andrea Newman (R) by using the hashtag 

Counseling and Psychological Services Director Todd Sevig addresses the Central Student Government during their meeting in the Union on Tuesday.

Tuesday night, Todd Sevig, director of University of Michigan Counseling and Psychological Services, gave Central Student Government an oversight of the organization’s current plans to expand mental health services unique to the differing majors on campus.

Francessca Bennett and Tania Haddad share a moment of laughter during the Central Student Government meeting in the Union on Tuesday.

Despite the mixed reactions from CSG’s last meeting, a resolution aiming to host an Israeli-Palestinian lunch to foster dialogue passed with 18 in favor, nine opposed and five abstentions.

Members of the Central Student Government begin hosting a town hall meeting to discuss potential amendments to their constitution on Friday.

Members of student governments from across the University of Michigan attended a town hall Friday afternoon to discuss the Constitution of the Student Body of the Ann Arbor campus.