The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute released a report detailing methods to quantify motion sickness in automobiles in August


Marijuana use by college students hit a 35-year high, according to a study released last Tuesday. 

Michigan Medicine shared a possible health information breach in an article released August 16th.

Michigan Medicine published an article last month notifying patients about a possible health information breach.

The Chemistry Building at the University of Michigan houses many research projects for students and faculty.

Perch, an online research platform created by a team of mostly University of Michigan students, launched Monday. The startup aims to connect more students and graduates across the country with research positions.


A study published last month by the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability reported Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, Saginaw, Lansi

Expectations of Alzheimer's patients 65 and older.

The walls of Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center, a research hub and medical center for those facing memory loss, are dotted with bright watercolor paintings — “works of art,” as Hank Paulson, the director of the center and University professor of neurology, calls them.


Earlier this month, a team of scientists published a study in Nature Medicine journal that could lead researchers closer to a universal vaccine for influenza, commonly known as the flu.

SEISMIC held its first annual summer meeting this week on the University of Michigan campus.

SEISMIC, a coalition of American research institutions striving to create more accessible STEM curriculum to underrepresented minorities, held its first annual summer meeting this week on the Universit


Though the future of affirmative action remains in question, pre-med students are decisive: According to a Kaplan