Washtenaw Technical Middle College student Devin Wadley handles the therapy dog Legend as students pet him in the Shapiro Library on Tuesday.

Legend, a 7-year-old collie, makes his way into C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital for his afternoon shift. By his side are his owner and Jared Wadley, the senior public relations representative at Michigan News.


Building on the strength and international recognition of the University's Mcity, the entirety of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center has officially been renamed Mcity.

A group of undergraduates developed this prototype that measures a patient's pre-treatment hemostasis.

The engineering and medical fields came together when five University of Michigan undergraduates teamed up to contribute to modern medicine with a device that can give the same data as a $30,000 machine in one-fifth of the time.

University of Michigan researcher Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy, a professor of chemistry and biophysics, made a breakthrough in his research on age-related diseases, and he and his team have received a grant from National Institutes of Health to conduct further studies. 

CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta moderated Pandemic! Contagious Crises from AIDS to Zika, an all-day conference on Friday.

Top health professionals with different backgrounds and areas of expertise, including University of Michigan alumni, delivered lectures and participated in a panel Friday afternoon regarding infectious diseases and moderated by Dr. 


After seven years of planning and design, the University of Michigan Nuclear Engineering Laboratory building reopened Monday afternoon, complete with more space and renovations in its laboratories, offices, conference rooms and collaboration rooms for students.


The Toyota Research Institute invested $2.4 million in a research team at the University of Michigan, which will combine machine learning and data simulation to improve the prediction of battery properties.

A researcher holds a piece of silver alloy film as a transparent electrode that is six inches in diameter.

A research team in the University of Michigan College of Engineering succeeded in creating a tarnish-proof silver film whose properties allow for various uses such as high-tech screens. The team’s paper, published last Monday, details the film’s versatility.


Karthik Duraisamy, an assistant professor in the Aerospace Engineering Department and his team received a $4.2 million grant from the U.S.


The University of Michigan’s discovery of gut bacteria in ill lungs has been entered into STAT Madness, a contest inspired by the NCAA’s March Madness tournament and run by STAT health news, aimed at finding the best innovations in science an