The School of Public Health

Since the alarming incidences of the Zika virus in North and South America in 2015, efforts to study the formidable infectious agent and find ways to prevent its spread have intensifi

A new study found women have contributed to substantial economic growth by entering the workforce in larger numbers than the previous generation.

A set of recent studies led by a 25-person team of scientists from the University of Michigan, University of Tennessee and James Madison University have offered insight into the reason for the conta


The University of Michigan announced Wednesday it was awarded a $58 million grant from the National Institute of Health to fund medical research — t


A team of chemists at the University of Michigan have developed a new method to create single-crystalline semiconductor films, a component of nearly all electronic devices.

Jack Hu was approved as vice president for research starting Jan. 1, 2016.

In order to strengthen the culture of research safety on campus, the University of Michigan Office of Research and the Department of Environment, Health & Safety announced a new laboratory safety campaign on Wednesday called Research Smart.


On Monday, the University of Michigan announced a $5 million donation from the Prechter family to advance bipolar disorder research at the University hospital and to support ongoing longitudinal studies of the illness.

The University of Michigan Exercise and Sport Science Initiative recently awarded $800,000 in grants to four University research teams studying the effects that physical activity has on various aspects of health.