The University Hospital as well as the St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor hospital have a program which helps survivors.

After an overdose occurred at the homeless shelter where she worked, Gina Dahlem, University of Michigan professor of nursing and nurse practitioner, decided to make a change.

Universities' contributions top $18.7 billion according to URC state economic impact report.

The University Research Corridor — a partnership of the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Wayne State University — released its 11th economic impact report last week.

While you were away this summer, you may have missed some big stories from Ann Arbor. The Daily will be publishing recaps of the summer’s breaking news.

Thanks to a $4.3 million grant and the tenacity of a few professors, students and future students with physical disabilities might be able to live a little more comfortably.

Katherine Rosenblum, a University professor of psychiatry and the founder of Strong Military Families, teaches a group how to code interviews.

University of Michigan have made strides in studying the effects of child separation and the psychological impact it has on families in cases of incarceration, military deployment, and border separation. This data has helped University psychologists implement programs such as 


The University of Michigan Hospital System will pay the United States $4.3 million as part of a legal settlement after UMHS allegedly violated certain terms of the Controlled Substances Act, according to a


The University of Michigan released a study in early July that explores elementary school disciplinary policy in urban cities, focusing on the demographics of affected children and inve


A team of engineers at the University of Michigan has created a computer small enough to stand on the tip of a grain of rice.


Michigan Medicine’s new Survival Flight jet has only been in service since June 1, but it’s already making missions faster and safer for the hospital’s most severely ill and injured patients.

Hamtramck High School located in Detroit, Michigan

Growing up, Emily Harburg never thought she was good at science. She received a couple unsatisfactory test scores in science class and wrote the subject off.