Racial discrimination during one’s youth can predict long-term negative mental health consequences in Black men, one University of Michigan researcher found. However, these consequences later in life differ between males and females.

More than half of opioid prescriptions in the United States go to adults with mental health disorders, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Board o

University of Michigan researchers have found the first-ever early protection mechanism for cells under stress, reacting faster than the conventional gene expression pathways already known.

New University of Michigan research find that employment leads to a higher life expectancy for white men.


In the fall, two new automated vehicles will operate on North Campus, serving University of Michigan students and faculty.

Dr. Eva Feldman announced that she will step down from her position as director of the A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Institute.

Eva Feldman has been at the forefront of the University of Michigan’s stem cell research for decades. Since receiving her M.D. and Ph.D.

Researchers discuss findings from different disciplines as part of their project to better understand bicultural communities.

A research project conducted through the University of Michigan is bringing together linguists and cultural analysts to better understand bicultural communities.

The School of Public Health

Since the alarming incidences of the Zika virus in North and South America in 2015, efforts to study the formidable infectious agent and find ways to prevent its spread have intensifi

A new study found women have contributed to substantial economic growth by entering the workforce in larger numbers than the previous generation.

A set of recent studies led by a 25-person team of scientists from the University of Michigan, University of Tennessee and James Madison University have offered insight into the reason for the conta