Ang and Chen hypothesized that social media usage would be helpful in relieving depression amid pain and that people might already be using social media to supplement their own social networking.

A recent study conducted by University of Michigan Rackham student Shannon Ang has revealed that social media use among older adults can limit the effects of pain on depression.  

LSA senior Kia Schwert was captivated by the research opportunities at the University when she attended the Michigan Community College Summer Research Fellowship as a fellow in 2017, inspiring her to transfer to the University to study sociology and women’s studies.

BSU and Bentley Historical Library finish digitizing over 66k records from the Department of Afroamerican Studies.

Four years ago, the Black Student Union launched the online campaign #BBUM, or Being Black at the University of Michigan, and gave the University seven days to respond to seven demands.

University of Michigan researchers are working on the European Space Agency’s BepiColombo mission to send a spacecraft to Mercury’s atmosphere, a University press release announced. The mission hopes to analyze the planet and the solar system as a whole.


Adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder exhibit higher levels of creativity than their non-ADHD counterparts and rely less on prior knowledge when thinking of innovative solutions to problems, a University of Michigan study says.

University researchers are working to turn algae into an environmentally-friendly source of diesel fuel.

Though their research on turning algae into an environmentally-friendly source of diesel fuel has been ongoing, a team of University researchers’ funding has been extended with a new $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

The University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council ratified a new three-year employment contract with Michigan Medicine.

The University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council ratified a new three-year employment contract with Michigan Medicine Wednesday night. The contract went into effect immediately.

Spaces with media outlets that use sexual assault victim-blaming language or include features that defend rape perpetrators report more cases of rape and fewer related arrests, a University of Michigan

Engineering Sophomore Nando Felten works with lithium rods in a glove box in the Sakamoto Lab at GG Brown Friday. Felten's research focuses on the use of lithium in solid-state batteries.

Batteries have always fascinated LSA junior Nando Felten. Felten, who is from Detroit but spent most of his life living in Germany, was amazed by the universal use of batteries.

The app is now used in various medical offices across the state of Michigan, including those of Dr. Thiago Nascimento, a pain research investigator in the University Research Lab.

Over the past several years, University of Michigan-based startup Moxytech has been developing an app that lets medical patients explain their pain to a doctor by drawing it on a 3-D model.