The Michigan Concussion Center’s structure will revolve around three main cores: research, clinical and outreach.

The University of Michigan Biosciences Initiative recently set aside $5.6 million to fund the creation of the Michigan Concussion Center. The center, which will be led by Prof.

With the opioid crisis still rampaging communities in the Midwest, doctors are beginning to reevaluate their prescription of these addictive medicines.

In college, students are finding apps for anything — deals on food, study tools and more. But as technology starts reaching younger audiences, advertisers have begun tapping into the new mobile market, resulting in what University researchers say is harmful exposure.

Scientists attribute humankind’s success as a species to its ability to cooperate with each other on large scales.

Van der Pluijm’s primary goal is to find innovative ways students can connect to concepts in geology

Over 111,700 were in attendance this Saturday to watch the University of Michigan football team steamroll Penn State.

Researchers at the University of Michigan are involved in a new national collaborative effort aimed at understanding the problem of harmful algae blooms.

The University of Michigan Biosciences Initiative announced the first round of research projects to receive a combined total of $45 million in grants last Monday.

Salgado believes her research is important given recent events involving women’s equality and specifically the #MeToo movement, a national conversation around sexual misconduct and gender discrimination.

LSA sophomore Estrella Salgado turned a love of “Little House on the Prairie” into an in-depth research project to understand the lives of women in the mid-19th century.

Dr. Lenette M. Jones, Dr. Jaclynn Hawkins, Dr. Jade Curry, and Dr. Sheria G. Robinson-Lane answer questions in a UM faculty forum on health research in the School of Nursing Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday morning, School of Nursing assistant professors Lenette Jones and Sheria Robinson-Lane, Nursing research fellow Jade Burns, and Gender and Health Research Lab Associate Director Jaclynn Hawkins discussed their research on health disparities affecting African-American and Latinx commu

In a new discovery, Astronomy Prof. Sally Oey and her team observed runaway stars using Gaia, a new satellite launched by the European Space Agency.

At the University of Michigan, a professor in the Department of Astronomy is taking the phrase “reach for the stars” to a whole new level.