Jeremy Bassis, an assistant professor of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering currently on sabbatical in San Francisco, says he was introduced to glaciology, the focus of his research, by several happy accidents.


In recent years, researchers have discovered certain genetic mutations are now linked with serious diseases in men, including prostate cancer. These genetic mutations, referred to as BRCA1 and BRCA2, were previously thought solely to increase a patient's risk of breast cancer.

Medical professor Michelle Meade discusses ways to improve healthcare for individuals with disabilities in Mason Hall on Wednesday evening.

Medical School Prof. Michelle Meade addressed common health and health-care disparities and how to promote positive changes to the current health-care system for people with disabilities Wednesday night in Mason Hall.

If University of Michigan College of Engineering researchers continue to prototype their innovative work, you might soon be receiving packages from someone other than a mailman — instead, a robotic bird. 

Usually, for students yearning to get some sleep after a long week of studying for midterms, the general suggestion is to shut down phone apps, put down textbooks and turn off Netflix.

Two University of Michigan researchers found that a Black male youth’s perception of his neighborhood’s safety is negatively correlated with his risk of developing major depressive disorder.

S. Jack Hu, vice president for research, is approved as vice president for research at a Regents meeting in the Michigan Union in December 2015.

Jack Hu, vice president for research at the University of Michigan, said last January his goals for his tenure as head of one of the nation’s best research facilities included improvement in under

Two Michigan Engineering professors were named to the National Academy of Engineers last Monday.

The National Academy of Engineers named two University of Michigan faculty to its ranks last Monday. Mechanical Engineering Prof.


Whether you are applying for your first summer job or a high-stakes professional career, job interviews are often the most frightful part of the entire hiring process.

LSA sophomore Jesse Adler presents her model of methamphetamine to LSA junior Stephanie Schulman at the Science as Art competition showcase on Friday.

This past Friday afternoon, the Science as Arts competition exhibition and awards ceremony took place in the Hatcher Graduate Library for the fourth consecutive year to celebrate the collaboration between art and science.