University of Michigan paleontologists are investigating a construction site in Byron Township, Michigan, after workers excavated the fossils of what appeared to be a giant prehistoric mammal Aug. 31.

Nao, the robot pictured, is just one example of the University's robotics research.

It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's a new improvement to robotics research at the University.  


In recent years, big data emerged as a powerful tool, spurring the University of Michigan to dedicate an initiative and institute to its study and implementation.

A new University of Michigan study found the combination of traditional chemotherapy drug, cisplatin, with an experimental drug destroys a rare type of salivary gland tumor and prevents it from reoccurring within 300 days after treatment.

Ethiopia is quickly becoming a key player in the University of Michigan’s global engagement and multidisciplinary projects.

As a result of heavy rainfall this past spring, Lake Erie is now home to a large — and potentially toxic — algal bloom. The abundant rainfall caused an overflow of phosphorus, which is used in agriculture as a fertilizer, from the Maumee River to flow into the lake.

Despite the perception that contraceptive pills positively impact women’s lives, a new study by a faculty member in the University of Michigan sheds new light on the safety of using commonly available pills.

On Monday, University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel released a letter to the community expressing concern for a federal proposal, part

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan found U.S. residents are more likely to prefer being a “big frog in a small pond” over a “small frog in a big pond” compared to people in China.

The University of Michigan School of Public Health.building.

Over 100 attended day one of a symposium on Big Data, Human Health and Statistics, hosted by The School of Public Health Big Data Summer Institute, in the Rackham Amphitheater Thursday.