News Briefs

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave the University of Michigan Medical School a $1.6 million grant Oct. 6 for research prevention against an antibiotic-immune bacteria, or “superbug,” that kills tens of thousands of people a year.

A new set of alt right posters were found Monday morning on a University of Michigan cylinder posting area on the corner of South State Street and North University, citing websites that argue race determines intelligence and anti-Muslim sentiments.

Thomas Zurbuchen, a University of Michigan professor in space sciences and aerospace engineering, will take on a position overseeing the U.S. research program on space and earth science for NASA.

The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education released their annual college rankings on Tuesday, naming the University of Michigan being ranked the number one public university in the countr

In a community-wide email Wednesday night, University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel announced a campus-wide discussion to address racially charged

The Companion app, created last year by a group of University of Michigan students and launched to the public last year, is now beginning to receive

The State of Michigan has taken away Flint’s ability to sue the state this week after the city’s threat to file a lawsuit, according to the

Stunned Michigan fans react to the Wolverines' last-second loss to Michigan State on Saturday.

As of Sunday morning, the individual remained in the hospital in stable condition.