American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks lectures about escaping poverty through entrepreneurship Wednesday in the Annenberg Auditorium.

Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, says there are several ways in which those in poverty can escape their situation. One of these ways is by living a "startup life."

A discussion between two political experts held at Grand Valley State University was livestreamed to a crowd of around 40 attendees at the Ford School of Public Policy Tuesday night. The event, titled “Character and Presidency,” featured David Brooks, a New York Times columnist, and Ronald C.


The Michigan Chamber of Commerce is currently advocating for an amendment to the Michigan Constitution, which would change term limits for state legislators.

President Donald Trump intends to nominate Michigan state Rep.

Vice President Mike Pence addresses the crowd at American Axle & Manufacturing Thursday.

Vice President Mike Pence pitched his party's tax reform plan as "the largest tax cut in American history" to about 300 Michigan residents and business owners at an American Axle and Manufacturing facility in Auburn Hills Thursday afternoon.

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is coming to Ann Arbor on October 24.

Hillary Clinton, former Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State, will take her book tour to the University of Michigan’s Hill Auditorium Oct. 24 –– and a multitude of opinions, fans and critics await her.

Michigan first lady Sue Snyder speaks at the sexual assault prevention summit in 2016.

With a new initiative headed by Michigan first lady Sue Snyder, sexual assault on college campuses is set to face spirited bipartisan activism, as discussed at the third annual sexual assault prevention 

Marijuana graphic

Recreational marijuana is now closer than ever to becoming permitted by law in Michigan. A ballot petition being circulated by the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is "well past" 250,000 signatures, according to the group's spokesman Josh Hovey.

SAPAC pushed for increased training on consent and bystander intervention as the University amended its own sexual misconduct policy last summer.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos issued new guidelines regarding sexual assault on college campuses Friday, requiring a higher standard of evidence to find a student guilty of sexual assault.


Gov. Rick Snyder signed a campaign finance bill Wednesday, extending the ruling of Citizens United v. FEC to the state of Michigan. This allows state representatives and candidates to collect campaign money through super PACs, which then permit them to collect unlimited amounts of money.