While many students embrace an old-fashioned ambiance in their off-campus homes, these homes often have potential for fire hazards due to risk factors associated with living in the college environment and older infrastructure.

Two lawsuits have been filed in the past month over an alleged sexual assault at a University of Michigan fraternity party in January 2016.

Out of the 110,042 fans attending the Michigan vs. Colorado game this Saturday, three were arrested, 22 were ejected and one was given a citation for having alcohol in the stadium, according to the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety and Security.

The Theta Delta Chi house on South State Street.

TDX brothers were able to apprehend two burglars during a party at their house on State Street early Monday morning.

A University professor, arrested last week for attempting to have sex with a minor, will stay in jail awaiting trial, a federal judge ruled Friday during a detention order hearing in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Two senior members of the now-disbanded University fraternity responsible for damages to a Michigan ski resort now face additional proceedings.