Campus Life

The University of Michigan will have Charles Woodson as the speaker at the spring commencement ceremony this year.

The University of Michigan will have a speaker at its spring commencement ceremony this year, the University announced in a press release Monday, and th

Raina LaGrand speaks at Mindfulness and the Psychology of Microaggressions Panel at the Union Friday.

Psychological science professionals discussed the emotional and mental impacts of microaggressions Friday in a discussion called “Mindfulness and the Psychology of Microaggressions.” The event, sponsored by the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs, examined microaggressions through a psychologi

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, assistant professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, discusses race and class in the Trump era at the Michigan Union Thursday.

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, an organizer and assistant professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, has never shied away from lambasting President Donald Trump in public speeches.

Walter Johnson, Professor of African and African American Studies at Harvard University, discusses the evolution of monuments and their role in today's society in North Quad Wednesday evening.

Humanities scholars from the University of Michigan and Harvard University gathered Wednesday evening to discuss the significance of Confederate monuments in the United States, and appropriate public and governmental approaches to replacing them.

Michigan Political Science and Economics Professor Scott Page speaks about his new book, The Diversity Bonus, and the diversity of thought at Palmer Commons Wednesday afternoon.

After being pushed by a colleague to spread his findings on diversity, Scott Page, a Leonid Hurwicz Collegiate professor of complex systems, political science and economics at the University of Michigan, now travels the country discussing why diverse perspectives and ideas are so cru

Isaiah Land, president of the NAACP's University of Michigan chapter, discusses the historical roots of the NAACP in the Afro-American Lounge of South Quad Tuesday.

As part of The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Week, the University of Michigan chapter of NAACP hosted an event on Tuesday evening discussing the historical roots of the movement and how it applies to campus today.

In the wake of a potential visit from white supremacist Richard Spencer, a coalition of University of Michigan students, faculty and staff have established the “Have Your Speech and Eat It Too

With more than 465,000 Syrian lives lost in the conflict, University of Michigan and Ann Arbor activists are struggling to center the conflict at the local level while suffering unfolds overseas.

Following the bombings in Eastern Ghouta last month which, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, have taken the lives of 654 civilians in the past two wee

Heather Bruegl speaks about Native American policy and activism at a talk titled “A History of Native American Policy and Activism: From A.I.M. to Standing Rock to Present” in the Michigan League Thursday.

Despite being a member of Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, historian Heather Bruegl had never been particularly passionate about Native American history or culture –– until she went to Wounded Knee, S.D., the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre in which 300 Native American men,

Matthew Spooner provides insight about politics and the history of white supremacy at Disrupting White Supremacy Teach In at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre Wednesday.

On Wednesday evening, the University of Michigan History Department held a teach-in surrounding “Disrupting White Supremacy: Global Histories and Local Struggles.” The talk included 12 speakers in an effort to reclaim and retell the history of race in the U.S. and globally.