Campus Life

A new competition based off of the CBS reality game show “Survivor” is making its way to the University of Michigan campus this fall.


Reggie the Campus Corgi — a trained therapy dog and friendly canine on campus — has a corneal ulcer in his eye.

University of Michigan's North Campus

While many of her future classmates were eager to find fellow students also living in their residence halls at first-year student orientation this past month, LSA freshman Frances Bray was left in the dark.

The University of Michigan launched the Summer17 program this summer, partnering with Washtenaw County to match 45 young adults with jobs throughout the University an

Construction on South University Avenue in Ann Arbor.

Downtown Ann Arbor has been a medley of bright orange construction barrels and torn up asphalt this summer as a result of the drastic road work being done in many busy downtown areas.

The Michigan Solar Car Team reveals their 14th solar car, Novum, at the Michigan Theater on Friday.

Hundreds came out to witness the unveiling of the University of Michigan Solar Car team’s 14th solar-electric racing car NOVUM Friday night at the Michigan Theater.

Environmental journalist Steven Curwood talks about the role of academics and scientific communication at the AEESP Conference at Rackham on Tuesday.

The Advancing Healthy Communities through Environmental Engineering and Science conference took place at the Michigan League Tuesday through Thursday.

The Xplore Engineering conference held on North Campus on Friday.

Over 400 people attended the fifth annual Xplore Engineering event on the University of Michigan’s North Campus this Thursday and Friday.


University of Michigan alum Lehman Robinson applied to his now alma mater on a whim. As a first-generation college student coming from a low-income household, he assumed the school would be out of his family’s means — until he received his financial aid notice.

University of Michigan students held vigils for victims of police brutality after Minnesota police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, was acquitted on Friday of all charge