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The annual Take Back the Night even took place online this year.

The Take Back The Night rally, usually held every year in Ann Arbor, was broadcasted on Thursday in a 29-minute YouTube video, including clips from keynote speaker Jaclyn Friedman, an activist for sexual violenc


For many students at the University of Michigan, summer is a time to gain experience in the real world through jobs and internships.


With a wide range of business and on-campus job closures emerging in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, many students’ on-campus jobs have been left in limbo.

Iulia Dobrin, staff reporter of The Daily, talked with several students to discuss their challenges and struggles with on-campus job uncertainty.


In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, many students across campus have returned home and must social distance, per national and state guidelines.

The Daily reporters Jasmin Lee and Varsha Vedapudi talked to various students who discussed the psychological challenges of social distancing and being away from friends and classes.



Despite being unable to host the event in-person due to the coronavirus outbreak, VictorThon attendees danced their way virtually to raising a preliminary sum of more than $280,000 for the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital over the weekend. 


As students leave campus at a rapid pace in accordance with University of Michigan guidelines, some are worrying about the last-minute move-out costs as well as services from th

Graduating students at the University of Michigan reflect on the cancellation of graduation and the end of classes.

On the heels of widespread changes in daily life in response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, graduating students at the University unknowingly experienced their final college moments.

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Lawrence and former Editor in Chief Maya Goldman talked to these students to hear their thoughts on their final experiences.

 Students still attended parties and went out to bars in the nights following the University’s decision to move classes online on Wednesday and in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday.

Despite numerous warnings from University of Michigan officials and public health authorities, some students still attended parties and went out to bars in the nights following the University’s


The University of Michigan announced the decision to cancel in-person classes three days after students returned from Spring Break, initiating a wave of uncertainty and concern.


At a surface level, the Asian/Pacific Islander American community is often seen as socioeconomically successful and having similar immigration and family histories, usually fitting into the “model minority” narrative.