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 City staff and community members are largely satisfied with the Council’s commitment to representativeness and set limit on City and police influence on the task force to structure a police review board.

Following Monday night’s City Council meeting, city staff and community members are largely satisfied with the council’s commitment to thorough representation and the decision to limit city and police influence on struct

An Ann Arbor resident holds up a sign in protest of the deer cull at the City Council meeting at City Hall Monday.

In response to opposition from Ann Arbor citizens regarding the formation of a police review board featuring Ann Arbor Police Department members, City Council passed an amended task force resolution Monday evening, allowing for increased autonomy for civilians in the formation of a task for

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While Ann Arbor is consistently named the best place to live and known as the most

Based on several incidents of police brutality and concerns of transparency within the Ann Arbor police department, the Human Rights Commission is assembling a task force to draw a charter for a police review board.

Based on several incidents of police brutality and concerns of 

As the Student Advisory Council begins its second full year in operation, the council looks to recruit new staff while maintaining an agenda that continues to promote safety and convenience for students in Ann Arbor.

The City of Ann Arbor’s Solid Waste Fund reportedly decreased this year due to other Post Employment Benefits and the shutdown of the Materials Recovery Facility, which resulted in higher recycling costs.

Ann Arbor scores win in state Supreme Court pollution case.

The city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Scio Township and the Huron River Watershed Council will be allowed to continue their cas

Ann Arbor mayor Christopher Taylor discusses current issues at a City Council Meeting at Larcom City Hall Tuesday.


At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, council members decided to amend plans for ground-level solar energy installations in residential zones in order to comply with public concern regarding the safety of children and the aesthetic integrity of Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor residents gather at the Human Rights Commission meeting to discuss the formation of a review board for the AAPD at the Ann Arbor City Hall Wednesday.

Seventy Ann Arbor residents called for increased accountability and transparency from the Ann Arbor Police Department at the Ann Arbor Human Rights Commission Wednesday.

Activists demonstrating against Ann Arbor’s deer cull discovered a homeless man living in a designated shooting zone for the cull Tuesday.