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Last Tuesday, Michigan voters approved the passage of Proposal 1, which will soon legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the state.

Last Tuesday, Michigan voters approved the passage of Proposal 1, which will soon legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the state.

Alan Haber speaks at the City Council meeting about Proposal A at City Hall Thursday evening.

Ann Arbor City Council discussed the implications of a ballot measure requiring the creation of a public park in downtown Ann Arbor as well as the regulation of Bird scooters at its meeting Thursday night.

Elizabeth Nelson, Ward 4 City Council candidate, mingles with her constituents as they waited for the results of their respective races.

Both Democratic candidates won in the two contested elections for Ann Arbor City Council Tuesday night, and residents voted to pass Proposal A, halting the city’s controversial plans to sell the Library Lot to developer Core Spaces, LLC for development of a 17-story high-rise.

Candidate for City Council Joseph Hood.

In the 2018 midterm election on Tuesday, Ann Arbor’s 4th Ward will decide between candidates Elizabeth Nelson and Joseph Hood for City Council. Neither Nelson nor Hood has served on the council before.

Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor and City Councilmember Zach Ackerman, D-Ward 3, discuss how Proposal A will affect affordable housing in Ann Arbor in Weill Hall Monday.

With the midterm elections just around the corner, the University of Michigan chapter of College Democrats, the Roosevelt Institute and the Michigan Affordability and Advocacy Coalition hosted a panel Monday night to discuss and explain Proposal A to University students at the Ford School o

Hughes said he ended up running as an Independent rather than a Democrat because, by the time Kailasapathy announced she was not running for re-election, he felt there wasn’t enough time for him to marshal the resources necessary to compete as Democrat.

Ann Arbor’s highly partisan local elections make it an outlier among cities in Michigan, and City Councilmember Jane Lumm, I-Ward 2, wants to change that.

Will Hathaway discusses his pro position on Proposal A during a panel hosted by the League of Women Voters at the Ann Arbor Downtown Library Thursday evening.

Supporters and opponents debated the merits of Proposal A, a ballot measure that could throw a wrench in plans to build a17-story high-rise on the lot adjacent to the Ann Arbor Dist

Shortly after graduating from Skyline High School last spring, Cole launched a campaign for the Ann Arbor School Board of Trustees.

LSA freshman Lucas Cole is more invested in school than the average freshman — not just when it comes to his classes in the University of Michigan’s Residential College, but all of Ann Arbor’s public schools.

The water treatment plant has been testing treatment technologies for the past year and the city recently spent $850,000 to implement an effective technology in all of the city’s filters.

More than four years after the Flint water crisis, Michigan officials encountered a new challenge this summer when the Department of Environmental Quality revealed some water

Early Tuesday morning, the Ann Arbor City Council discussed one of its least contentious issues: the domestication of ducks.