In LSA freshman Ashley Soto’s hometown of Grand Rapids, the University of Michigan is not always a feasible option for high-school seniors.

As the University of Michigan reaches its 200th year, two Presidential Bicentennial Professors have paid tribute to the innovation the school has been known for by announcing the Campus of the Future Competition.

University President Mark Schlissel speaks about the "Evolving Bargain between Research Universities and Society" at the President's Bicentennial Colloquium at Rackham Auditorium on Thursday.

Covering issues such as higher education and influencing change through academia, University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel highlighted on Thursday what he considers the importance of being a research institution socially, economically and internationally.


The Graduate Employees’ Organization — the union representing more than 2,000 graduate student instructors and graduate student staff assistants at the University of Michigan — will be voting Thursday to authorize a strike ballot among GSIs and

Scott Schneider, a former GEO organizer at the University of Michigan, speaks at the GEO Graduate History Talk at Tisch Hall on Tuesday.

Graduate students and faculty gathered Tuesday to listen to speakers discuss the Graduate Employees’ Organization’s roots and current presence on campus as part of LSA’s bicentennial-themed semester.

Ongoing construction projects at the University of Michgian total over $986.1 million in costs, and many students say they're inconvenienced by the various obstructions — many of which will not be completed in time for current students to take advantage of them.


Along with efforts to increase student diversity on campus, the 42-page Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan outlines the need to increase diversity among faculty.

Members of the Graduate Employees Organization host a sit-in at the Fleming Administration Building on Tuesday.

Hundreds of protesters crowded the Fleming Administration Building on Tuesday afternoon, chanting, “UM works because we do,” as part of a sit-in organized by the Graduate Employees’ Organization.

University President Mark Schlissel speaks during the Winter Commencement at the Crisler Center in 2015.

University of Michigan seniors have been expressing their dissatisfaction with the recent commencement announcement as there are no plans for a featured speaker. Many also believe the University is focusing too much on the bicentennial celebration instead of the graduating class of 2017.


To celebrate and reflect on the University of Michigan’s bicentennialM-BARC, the Michigan Bicentennial Archive, is designing