University President Mark Schlissel speaks during the Winter Commencement at the Crisler Center in 2015.

University of Michigan seniors have been expressing their dissatisfaction with the recent commencement announcement as there are no plans for a featured speaker. Many also believe the University is focusing too much on the bicentennial celebration instead of the graduating class of 2017.


To celebrate and reflect on the University of Michigan’s bicentennialM-BARC, the Michigan Bicentennial Archive, is designing

Research Assistant Katrina Lewandowski carefully cleans mud off of a mammoth skull at the Ruthann Museum of Natural History in 2015.

The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History announced plans last Friday to close its Ruthven Museums Building location. The museum will officially close on Dec. 31, 2017 and will permanently move to the new Biological Sciences Building in 2018.


The University of Michigan’s Dearborn campus hosted the year’s second Board of Regents Meeting on Thursday afternoon.


Though several institutions and officials serve as agents in supporting the community of people with disabilities on campus at the University of Michigan, those in it still face daily hurdles. Many resources, students object, fall short of inclusion.


The Latinx Social Work Coalition has sent a letter and SCOPE, Student Community of Progressive Empowerment — a student-led organization aiming to protect undocumented and 

Nearly 160 graduate student employees rallied Monday afternoon in support of proposals to improve their contracts with the University of Michigan, which have hitherto been 

One former University of Michigan faculty member and one current University faculty member are bringing a lawsuit against the University claiming racial discrimination and harassment.

One former University of Michigan faculty member and one current University faculty member are joining together to bring a lawsuit against the University under the Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights


In response to the racist and anti-semitic email hackings last month, the University of Michigan student organization Students4Justice published a publ

A survey conducted by The Michigan Daily last month found 74 percent of student respondents at the University of Michigan think tuition is too high, and 54 percent believe the University doesn't give out enough scholarship money.