The University of Michigan’s Academic Reporting Tool released its grade distribution feature over the weekend, allowing students to explore grade distributions of courses before registration.

The Lecturers' Employee Organization (LEO) marches for higher wages and increased benefits on the Diag early Friday afternoon.

During a break in the Lecturers’ Employee Organization’s first open bargaining session in Ann Arbor Friday, about 150 lecturers and allies – including students and tenure -track faculty – marched from the


At the start of last year, the Kessler Presidential Scholars Program launched its two-year pilot expansion initiative with the hope of serving its recipients in a more holistic manner.

Students know it is almost impossible to visit a social media site today without coming across an example of “trolling” or “fake news,” terms that have become prevalent in the wake of the 2016 president

Robert Ortega discusses campus programs and faculty responsibility at the Fleming Administration Building Monday.

At a meeting of the Senate Assembly Committee on University Affairs Monday, the members reviewed the work being done in various senate committees, as well as the committee formation procedure process by which these committees are created.

Members of the Lecturers' Employee Organization lead a demonstration for higher pay and more bargaining rights outside of Palmer Commons Dec. 1.

During the 2016-2017 school year, the average salary of teachers in Michigan increased for the first time in five years. The Michigan Department of Education reported the average salary of a Michigan public

The Golden Apple Award is the University’s only student-selected faculty award

When Sandra Levitsky, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Michigan, walked into a meeting last Thursday, she he hadn’t even had her morning caffeine yet.

The Lecturers’ Employee Organization has been engaged in negotiations with the University of Michigan recently in attempt to secure higher wages, job security and more visibility on campus.

The Institute for the Humanities announced Thursday a new Summer Fellowship program for tenured/tenure-track faculty and lecturers II/III/IV.

Lecturers and allies of University of Michigan’s Lecturers’ Employee Organization gather to discuss its bargaining negotiations with the University Thursday.

The University of Michigan’s Lecturers’ Employee Organization held a community forum at its offices Thursday night with about 27 student and tenure-track allies and community activists to discuss its bargaining negotiations with the University.

Bidnam Lee, Nathan Stevens, Margaret Fleming, Amulya Parmar and James Lorenz

Three months ago, University of Michigan Engineering freshman Amulya Parmar went into the Ross School of Business with the hope of solving a technological problem.