The Weeknd performs at Little Caesars Arena.

Last night I went to the Little Caesar's Arena in Detroit to photograph the Weeknd, one of my favorite artists of all time.

Imagine Dragons perform at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit on Thursday as part of their Evolve Tour.
Two Door Cinema Club performs at 20 Monroe Live.
Paul McCartney performs at Little Caesars Arena during his One on One Tour.

If it hasn't quite settled with you yet, the fact of the matter is that Styles has created a fantastic work in modern rock, at once nostalgic, fresh and daring.


The xx performed at the perfect intersection of an eye-catching stage set-up, a mastery of music and a varied setlist. Switching up pace, lighting and era, the xx’s atmospheric indie pop never went stale.


What’s so impressive about No Shape isn’t just the breadth of sonic territory it covers, but its ability to do so while also capturing, in many ways, the essence of camp in all its effeminate and kitschy glory.


The whole Mac DeMarco shtick has a ticking expiration date before he goes from cute to suffocating. We can only handle so many of his stunts — like shoving drumsticks up his butt or telling fans his home address, something he admits was a bit ill-advised — before he becomes nothing more than a royal pain in the ass rather than Indie Rock royalty.


Riot Fest is simply a heaven for music goers — a heaven filled with mosh pits and crowd surfers throwing it down to some killer riffs and beats, but a heaven nonetheless.