Peppier cuts on the album such harmonica-laden “Whole Lotta Quit” provide a necessary energy, as Houser details his desire to abandon his arduous blue-collar job and get high with his friends


We are all multifaceted humans, and the communities we reside in must learn not to back away or shame someone who deviates from what is “traditional” in that particular community, but rather to embrace the fact that our identities are never meant to be boxed into one category.


The Daily’s top five favorite music videos of 2018.


10.  Ariana Grande, “thank u, next”


Just a few of The Daily's favorite albums of the past year.


Whole stretches of the piece careen from idea to idea, tripping over themselves, spinning head over heels as each successive moment is interrupted by the next in a chaotic display of fireworks.


Given the constant turbulence in Detroit, I’ve always considered Chicago as the closest city to Ann Arbor, and the capital of the Midwest. Rather than venture east down I-94, my family always opted to go west a few extra hundred miles.

Greg Gonzalez

As the name of the band suggests, their slow and ambient music extends the blissful few moments when the real problems of the world haven’t yet returned and the entire universe feels like only two people.

Mean Girls

If faced with reducing the Original Broadway Cast recording of “Mean Girls” (the Tina Fey blockbuster adapted for the stage) to one word, anyone would be incredibly amiss to pass up the opportunity to call it “fetch.”

X Ambassadors deliver a crisp performance, not unenjoyable to watch, but also not particularly noteworthy.