Multiracial Voices

Left: A photo of the author, Right: A photo of her mother

When people learn that I am half-Chinese the reaction is like watching someone figure out that math problem they had been stuck on: some mixture of a new revelation and old knowledge that they finally combined. It’s as if my race is some ambiguous thing to be discovered.

Yellow Smile

Can’t stop thinking about

My skin. I am confusing. And sometimes, I am confused.

Right now, it’s a faded mocha, the winter has taken a lot out of me

Including my color

And every time I see lingering eyes




Authentically, unapologetically Black

In an article for the National Review late last year, senior editor Jonah Goldberg discussed the (now former) popularity of Ben Carson amongst the GOP.


An American's nightmare

Hello, Officer, I just saw that you shot a man of my same skin tone

My hands won't go near the wallet in my pocket

So leave your holster alone

Diversity Talk - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

While University President Mark Schlissel’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategic planning initiative is admirable, its prospects for success are questionable.

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We know what love feels like now, how it is part pain and part knowledge and part empathy. Part power.