If you’re pursuing a thrilling, methodical series with well-executed twists and dramatic shocks, don’t even bother with “Roswell, New Mexico.”


There are shows we turn to for unswerving excellence, there are shows we love because they never make any discernible attempts at quality and somewhere in the murky middle, there is NBC’s “This Is Us,” which shuffles across the spectrum like a chameleon on roller skates.


“Sex Education” is raunchy, explicit and totally unapologetic. But more importantly, it’s smart and bracingly thoughtful, with plenty of heart.


Stephen Falk’s criminally underrated “You’re the Worst” enters its final season promising a happy ending to the story of its two narcissistic, vulgar, blowhard protagonists. However, anyone who has been following the show since its inception will be holding their breath.


It’s the boredom and the suburbs. It’s traveling to Canada for beer, only for it to go horribly wrong. It’s our hatred for, yet undeniable similarities with our dear northern neighbor.

Cast of "Buffy"

Academics, in particular, seem to have an affinity towards the show, creating (perhaps facetiously) a new academic field called Buffy-ology to analyze the social dynamics it portrays. To them, the demons and monsters can be compared to anything from terrorists to sexual predators.


From me to you, here’s a list of five underrated shows to jazz up a lethargic winter break.

"Neo Yokio"

The dialogue is consistently over-the-top, but at the same time, it is amusing to see such a prolific and talented cast seem to actually have a lot of fun performing.

"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"

Frustrations with the show can be summarized by a single scene in episode five.


“Nightflyers” tries to be a lot of thing and in the end, it ends up being nothing.