This photo and illustration is based on a picture I took while traveling with a few friends in WuZheng, which is around an hour away from Shanghai, China.
Drawing Michigan on Ice
Hoosier Daddy?
X Gon' Give it to Ya

Winter Break as seen by the Daily photostaff.

Santa visits Kerrytown for the annual Tree Lighting Festival in Kerrytown Courtyard Sunday.

Every year, the Kerrytown Market & Shops of Ann Arbor hosts a Christmas tree lighting. Santa visits for the occasion, complete with caroling and luminaries.

Nike the University of Michigan K9 Unit police dog.

Nike is the official K9 Unit Dog For the University of Michigan Police Department.  He is a Belgian Malinois and his favorite treats are ice cubes. Trained in two different capacities, he is certified as a patrol and explosive-detection K9.