In 1839 portraiture emerged on the radar of the elites, spearheaded by Louis Daguerre and his revolutionary eponymous process. For those fortunate enough to afford a studio session and patient enough to withstand the lengthy process, freezing time and creating tangible memories became a reality. Capturing countenance began as an arcane luxury with the daguerreotype and remarkably persisted to the present — the age of the selfie. 

Nearly two centuries after Daguerre’s creation, a new photography prodigy and process rose to prominence. CEO and mastermind of SnapChat Evan Spiegel ushered in a new era of portraiture, not quite of the tangible variety, but more so the instantaneous. Immediate, fleeting images now grace the screens of iPhone and Android users worldwide. Whether they be of oneself, a friend, a meal, or even some absurd fellow bus passenger, Snaps changed the game by not only escalating our technology-induced vanity, but also our heathen yearnings for instant gratification.

Everyone and their grandma knows how much I love SnapChat. Not a day (read: waking moment) goes by that I fail to capture my current activity, dreadful under-eye bags concealed by a purse emoji (pun intended), or sexual innuendos in my History readings (see: any page of Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger). Though I can’t quite pinpoint my attachment to the communication medium, it seamlessly coincides with my constant desire to absorb any and all knowledge of the fashion industry.

Though there are countless fashion-focused Snappers out there, I have diligently curated a definitive ranking of those whose Snap Stories I can’t help but replay. From the outrageous snippets of celebrity day-to-day details to what’s happening right now at Allure magazine, here are the consummate SnapChatters for the style-inclined.

1.     Kylie Jenner / kylizzlemynizzl

I had my doubts about young Jenner, mainly when I debated her existence. She’s too good to be true, and though her snap game is primarily her being chauffeured by any elusive member of her girl gang, it’s undeniably entrancing.

2.     Emily Schuman / e.schuman

The beloved blogger behind Cupcakes and Cashmere invites Snappers into her absurdly enchanting world of travels, crafting, baking and style tips. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t skip through everything just to catch a glimpse of her angelic newborn.

3.     Kristie Dash / kristiedash, alluremag

As the assistant beauty editor of Allure, Dash’s days are packed with makeup experimentation, product testing, and glamorous brunches. Yes, jobs like this exist. Yes, it’s magical. And yes, I profess my love in the form of Snap to Kristie at least bi-weekly.

4.     ManRepeller / man_repeller

The wonderfully kooky Leandra Medine gets personal with her cult followers as she takes us to happy hour and relays her minute-by-minute musings.

5.     Sophia Amorouso / SophiaAmorouso

Being the #GirlBoss that she is, the Nasty Gal creator’s life is nothing short of boss quality with an abundance of fashion, food and humor.

6.     New York Times / nytimes

For major fashion seasons, namely fall and spring, Fashion Editor and Chief Fashion Critic Vanessa Friedman takes the reins of the publication’s Snap and suddenly my jaw drops to the floor.

7.     Elle Magazine / elleusa

At any given moment, New Beauty Editor Julie Schott is either making fun of her zits, reviewing the latest beauty products, or dabbling in juice cleanses and it’s glorious.

8.     Eva Chen / evachen212

Eva Chen’s life is that of a fantasy. That’s all.

9.     Rihanna / rihanna

If you need further explanation, please refer to A Very Revealing Conversation with Rihanna. 

While only nine SnapChatters may have made the cut into my stylistically-inclined list, the search for the 10th always continues.

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