The University of Michigan Central Student Government featured on their Facebook page the first five students who were selected to be a part of its new initiative, “200 for 200,” Wednesday morning. The “200 for 200” initiative, launched last semester, will feature 200 of the University’s most accomplished students in a year-long Facebook photo series in honor of the University’s bicentennial.

LSA junior Aaron Cahen, chair of CSG’s Bicentennial Planning Commission, said the initiative was created by the Bicentennial Planning Commission to recognize heavily involved students currently enrolled at the University.

“There would be no University to celebrate the past 200 years without the student body, so we wanted to take this opportunity to honor them,” Cahen said.

Students can be nominated through a survey, which was created for CSG to receive a diverse array of nominees who are involved in many different parts of campus, Joe Shea, Public Policy senior and CSG communications director, said.

“The hope there is that friends of these students or other members of the organizations that these students are in will nominate them and be able to speak to the way that their leadership has impacted this climate in a positive way,” Shea said.

Chosen students are highlighted in a Facebook post on the CSG page featuring a photo along with a bio of their accomplishments. 

Shea also noted the survey was publicized through social media when the idea for “200 for 200” first came out, and nominations are still being accepted.

According to Cahen, the Bicentennial Planning Commission reviews the survey entries and nominees will be selected every Monday and Friday. He said the commission tries to choose student leaders who do not always get recognized for their actions.

“We’re looking for people who are involved in essentially a variety of communities on campus and show dedication to both the University and affiliate communities but may not always have the recognition that they deserve,” Cahen said.

LSA senior Alexjandria Edwards was one of the first five students featured in the “200 for 200” photo series and has been involved in a wide variety of organizations on campus.

During her time at the University, Edwards has served as a Dialogue Peer Facilitator for the Global Scholars Program, an instructor for the University Courses 170 “Making the Most of Michigan” mini-course, a student leader for the Center for Educational Outreach and started the Four Corners of Success movement that works to develop opportunities and provide resources for students on campus, among involvement in several other on-campus organizations.

She said she was in disbelief when she found out her leadership efforts would be recognized through the CSG series.

“I know how many wonderful and amazing students I have come into contact with, so I was just super honored to know that my peers and members of my community feel the work that I do and decided that it was award-worthy,” Edwards said. “I’m really humbled and really appreciative and thankful that the students from Central Student Government made this possible.”

The photo series will continue for the rest of the year with new posts every Monday and Friday.

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