At its Tuesday meeting, Central Student Government discussed resolutions on scholarships for Syrian refugees and the Communication Committee’s budget.

LSA junior Haleemah Aqel spoke to the assembly about a resolution that would aid Syrian refugees as a part of the Books Not Bombs campaign on campus, an initiative that aims to create University scholarships to Syrian refugees. According to its campaign website, the resolution is aimed at encouraging the University to team up with the Syrian Consortium, created by the International Institute of Education, to waive the entirety of tuition for 10 Syrian refugee students. Scholarship recipients would be able to apply as international students,

“This is an apolitical campaign about what is going on in Syria,” Aqel said. “The campaign strictly advocates for education. We advocate for all sorts of students, but our main group is college students because we are college students.”

Along with the resolution, Books Not Bombs is trying to gain support from the campus community through encouraging students and faculty to sign their petition. According to Aqel, the campaign already has more than 700 signatures but is aiming to reach a goal of 10,000 signatures.

The campaign has also urged similar measures at other universities across the country, such as Yale University; University of California, Berkeley; Michigan State University; and Georgetown University.

Along with the resolution on scholarships, the body also discussed a resolution on the communications committee’s budget changes, increasing the amount it is allocated for promotions online.

One of the authors of the resolution, LSA sophomore Seth Schostak, said the committee is renegotiating its funding by requesting a $2,000 budget rather than the previous $600 budget for promotional advertising campaigns. $1,000 would be taken from the legislative fund and $1,000 would be taken from the executive fund under the new proposal.

According to Schostak, this money will go toward the committee’s budget plan for both fall and spring semesters, allowing it to spend funds on its current Facebook campaign to increase to five promoted Facebook posts a week for $10 each, accumulating to $50 per week in advertisements for the remainder of the academic year.

“Facebook is how we reach everyone, and it’s great to have everyone share everything, but by doing this we would be able to utilize our resources to reach even more people,” Schostak said.

The resolution passed unanimously among the CSG assembly with 30 votes in favor. The budget will last only for the remainder of this academic year — after that, the new communications committee in the next assembly will work to propose a new budget.


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