New Central Student Government president and vice president, Public Policy junior Daniel Greene and LSA sophomore Izzy Baer, were sworn in for their first meeting Tuesday night. 

After their win on March 22, in which representatives from MVision also won a plurality of assembly seats, Greene said he planned to work with the other parties to ensure their ideas reached fruition under his leadership.

“I think that what I’m doing in this coming week is bridging relationships with the other candidates and parties,” Green said. “I want to make sure that their voices aren’t lost. They bring a lot of institutional knowledge and opportunity and phenomenal platform points that, although they weren’t a part of necessarily the MVision platform, they definitely speak to student concerns on our campus, and regardless of what platform I ran on, those parties and those candidates brought ideas to the table that should not be dismissed based upon the election victory.”

MVision ran on a platform that emphasized their vision to see, hear and support students— as well as bring members of campus communities together who may not interact traditionally.

Their platform points include holding more meetings on North Campus, as well as bringing back monthly town halls in order to let the voices of more students be heard. Greene said he hopes this will also create a structured platform in which issues such as sexual assault prevention, mental health, LGBTQ issues and Greek life can be discussed. 

In terms of mental health, Greene emphasized his passion for addressing the underrepresentation of Counseling and Psychological Services counselors and the Spectrum Center— as students feel more comfortable speaking to those who share their identities when they are under great emotional stress. In a similar manner, Baer discussed her plans for a SAPAC empowerment fund in order to make the organization more accessible to students.

New committee members were also sworn in, with many coming from MVision’s party.

Rackham student Austin Glass will serve as speaker, and LSA junior D’Andre Simpson will serve as vice speaker. In addition, LSA freshman Ben Gerstein was elected as the chair of Resolutions, with LSA junior Priscilla Huddleston as vice chair of Resolutions.

Medical School student Whit Froelich will serve as chair of Rules, with LSA freshman Levi Meyer as vice chair. LSA freshman Daniel Levin was elected as chair of Communications, with Kinesiology junior Isabella Puig as his vice chair.

Business sophomore Brady Tuttle will hold the position of chair of Finance and LSA freshman Amanda Kaplan will be vice chair. Engineering sophomore Zeke Majeske was elected to chair of Executive Norms, while LSA sophomore Jordan Strom will be vice chair.

Finally, Rackham student Kyle McCoil will serve as chair of Ethics, with LSA Junior Aisha Carter as vice chair.

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