LSA Student Government met Wednesday evening in Mason Hall to pass four resolutions: amending its bylaws to make its Appointments Committee part of  its External Relations Block, eliminating the alumni relations coordinator position, reallocating $1,500 from its General Discretionary Fund to the Budget Allocations Committee, and sponsoring Pride Prom hosted by the Spectrum Center. All resolutions passed unopposed.

LSA junior Wyatt Puscas sponsored the resolution regarding the alumni relations coordinator, believing the position was ineffective.

“We don’t really think this position is needed anymore,” Puscas said. “We think it’s a little outdated. We don’t think it was the best constructed position and we think it’s in the interest of efficiency.”

LSA SG also proposed two new amendments to its bylaws and one resolution to be voted on next week. The amendments included codifying individual representative reports and stipulating subcommittee chairs to attend block head committee meetings. The resolution included allocating funds to the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center.

LSA senior Kristen Ball appreciated the amendment on the individual representative reports as she thought this would create more advocacy for LSA in Central Student Government. The amendment would codify the right of representatives to give an individual representative report at CSG meetings.

“The CSG appointed representative is really like an ambassador for LSA SG,” Ball said. “They’re an LSA SG member. If we did this, we would have them be more a part of LSA SG.”

LSA SG Vice President Ryan Gillcrist, an LSA senior, sponsored the SAPAC resolution, citing its importance to addressing campus climate regarding sexual assault.

“I think this is something we should absolutely continue as it’s (sexual assault) a major campus issue that is really not adequately addressed,” Gillcrist said.

LSA SG’s Budget Allocations Committee also recommended funding to different organizations on campus, including Dance Marathon, Do Random Acts of Kindness and the Michigan Malaysian Students Association.

LSA sophomore Corrina Lee called on the government to attend a workshop on race and racism so representatives have a better idea of these issues on campus, specifically referring to the recent blackface Snapchat incident. Last week, a Snapchat sent by LSA sophomore Lauren Fokken went viral when Fokken and an unknown friend sent a racist Snapchat photo wearing black face masks with a “#blacklivesmatter” caption.

“This will give you a much better perspective on this campus we are serving and the people we are serving,” Lee said. “A lot of you mentioned diversity in your platforms. I think this is especially a big topic to tackle, especially with recent events, (like) the blackface controversy.”

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