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Voting for the 25 LSA Student Government candidates for the 2021-2022 school year closed on Thursday night. Here are the results for the 15 new representatives, listed in order of their vote totals:  

LSA freshman Bilal Irfan

LSA freshman Maria Wajahat

LSA freshman Ella Mannino

LSA sophomore Aleezah Manzoor

LSA junior Max Stoneman

LSA junior Abigail Nighswonger

LSA junior Claudia McLean

LSA freshman Abigail Ochs

LSA freshman Ihsaan Yasin

LSA junior Yaqub Ahmedfiqi

LSA sophomore Noah Gadola

LSA freshman Dania Ali

LSA freshman Dylan Bernstein

LSA senior Tyler Fioritto

LSA junior Mollie Berglund

LSA SG Elections Director Riya Gupta, an LSA senior, said this year’s voter turnout was the highest in the past few years. LSA SG recorded 1,153 voters this year compared to 818 voters last year. 

“This was the highest voter turnout … in the past few years, which is really exciting because usually, the fall elections don’t get as much turnout,” Gupta said. “So I was very happy about that because that means (students) were aiming for (engagement) this semester.”

Ali said she hopes to use her role as LSA representative to listen to students and is looking forward to making an impact on student life on campus.

“I really want to focus on what all students believe should be best for the campus,” Ali said. “I feel like I’m going to be listening to a lot of student voices and seeing what they want (and) basically responding to what they want to see change on campus.”

Irfan received the most votes among all the candidates with 417. He said he looks forward to working with the LSA SG Executive Board.

“I’m also really looking forward to honestly just getting acquainted with the government,” Irfan said. “Voting (on campus) is extremely important and is the number one way to make your voice heard in this country. So never shy away from that right that you have.”

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