Results for the LSA Student Government elections were released Friday morning, confirming Nathan Wilson and Hanna Simmons will serve as president and vice president of the assembly, respectively.

Though Wilson and Simmons ran an unopposed campaign, beloved campus corgi Reggie Bee garnered 75 votes and Michigan basketball star Jordan Poole garnered four votes. Thirteen representatives were also elected to the body.

About 13 percent of the LSA student body – 2,216 votes – were recorded in the election, up about 8 percent from the fall term election. The number of votes cast was also higher than last year’s winter elections. 

Wilson and Simmons are excited for their upcoming year. In an email to The Daily, Wilson said it will be a challenge to continue to focus on long-term projects, but he’s optimistic about the group’s abilities.

“As far as challenges, it’s always hard to remain persistent on long term projects we’ve been working on for years trying to improve student life, however, we have a great government and I have confidence we can achieve a lot this year,” Wilson wrote. “We also encourage everyone that’s interested in academic and Campus issues to get involved in SG and let your voice be heard.”

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