LSA Student Government assembled Wednesday night to pass three resolutions to adjust the internal structure of the body and approve the allocation of funds to install a new water bottle refill station in Haven Hall.

LSA SG unanimously passed a resolution to modify the distribution of the annual Departmental Award of Excellence survey in the hopes that the new method will allow a greater number of students to voice their opinions on the nominations. LSA students will receive the survey and be encouraged to vote for a department to receive the award.

LSA SG also ratified a resolution to reallocate $1,500 from its Senior Celebration Fund to its General Discretionary Fund. LSA SG President Nicholas Fadanelli, an LSA senior, spoke in support of the measure, saying with the budget increase in the General Discretionary Fund, the student government will have a greater capacity to fund the various resolutions and prospective actions of its respective subcommittees.

The assembly passed a third resolution to fund a new water bottle refill station in Haven Hall. The University of Michigan currently has over 250 water bottle refill stations on campus. Due to high traffic in Haven Hall, however, the student body identified a need for a new station. The water fountain outside of Room G219 in Haven Hall will be replaced with a new refill station after LSA Facilities and Planet Blue determined the fountain needed restoration.  

“We’ve been working on this with Planet Blue as well as LSA facilities and CSG to get funding for water refill stations. This is one that is definitely in our jurisdiction that they do need some extra money for equipment. Between what (LSA and CSG) are able to provide and then the $500 we were able to provide, we would be able to get not only this water refill station as well as potentially some others,” Fadanelli said.

LSA SG representative Kevan Casson, an LSA sophomore, said the additional refill station would be highly beneficial for the student body and an environmentally savvy use of LSA SG funding.

“I’m really looking forward to the installation of another refill station in Haven Hall. I think it definitely reflects the needs of our constituents, but it’s also going to be another way to make our campus greener which is always great,” Casson said.

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