LSA Student Government convened Wednesday to pass a resolution pertaining to inadequate on-campus housing for University of Michigan students. The assembly also introduced measures to endorse the creation of 10 graduate student positions which they hope will further integrate the LSA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan into student affairs.

Under the current University Housing guidelines, only incoming first-year students are guaranteed the option to have on-campus housing. While this is a popular decision by many — more than 97 percent of freshmen live on campus — many older students seeking on-campus housing options are left feeling insecure.

In discussion of the resolution during assembly, LSA senior Patrick Miller, the student life relations officer for LSA SG and sponsor of the resolution, addressed the increasing demand for housing options by returning second-year students and transfer students who seek on-campus housing but are rejected due to the lack of space on campus.

He went to clarify the nature of the resolution, recognizing the University is aware of the high demand for housing options and is considering the creation of a new residence hall to be located near the Gerald R. Ford Library on North Campus, and stating the resolution supports the decision to continue looking into developing more on-campus housing.

The resolution then went into voting and passed unanimously, 25-0-0.

In addressing new business, LSA SG President Nicholas Fadanelli, an LSA junior, introduced a resolution calling for an increase in the number of graduate student staff assistant positions allocated to implementing the LSA DEI plan.

As it stands, there are six GSAA positions currently appointed to implement the University’s DEI plan from across all the schools and colleges within the University, he explained. The resolution calls for the allocation of 10 GSAA positions specifically for the LSA DEI plan.

Fadanelli went on to discuss the supposed lack of presence the current GSAA positions for the DEI currently hold within LSA, stating that to his knowledge none actually works directly with the LSA-specific DEI plan.

“Either none to maybe one — I’ve heard conflicting accounts — are actually in LSA,” he said.

Fadanelli reported a current initiative is in the works on behalf of Fiona Lee, associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion for LSA, and the Graduate Employees’ Organization to create 10 GSAA positions, but stated there were doubts about the allocation of funding and the execution of the initiatives, which stalled the creation of it. 

Fadanelli stated the resolution will likely be tabled to gather more sponsors and be further developed.

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