On Tuesday, Central Student Government released the second of two statements this week supporting Black students after racially charged posters were found on the University of Michigan’s campus Monday.

“If we are truly are the ‘Leaders and Best,’ then we must work to ensure that every student feels welcomed, safe, and valued at Michigan,” the statement said. “Until we do so, we cannot honestly describe ourselves as such.”

The posters, found Monday in Mason and Haven Hall, listed “reasons why white women shouldn’t date black men” and “race differences in intelligence.” A third type called upon “Euro-Americans” to stop “denying your heritage” and “be white.” A group called the Alt-Right movement has claimed responsibility for creating and distributing the fliers. The Alt-Right is a white-supremacist organization that has been labeled as a hate-group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to U.S. News, the group has targeted people of color, Jewish people and women.

More than 200 students gathered in the Fishbowl Monday night to protest, calling for more action from the administration. Some attendees, like LSA junior Lakyrra Magee, wished to see quicker turnover to the University President Mark Schlissel’s diversity plan, which aims to create a long-term strategy for increasing diversity on campus, with a benchmark of 2025.

“It’s possible to do both,” Magee said, referring to the University addressing current events and the five-year Diversity, Equity & Inclusion plan. “But they’re not doing it. We want Schlissel to address us … about 2017, not 2025.”

Last Friday, CSG also released a statement in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in solidarity with Eastern Michigan University students after racist graffiti was found in EMU dorms and academic buildings.

Tuesday’s statement expressed a similar sentiment from the one on Friday, calling for solidarity.

“Let us start affirming that #BlackLivesMatter — today and everyday,” the statement said.

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