CSG President and LSA senior Noah Zimmerman speaks at a CSG meeting Sept. 27. Emily Alberts/Daily. Buy this photo.

The University of Michigan Central Student Government (CSG) met in hybrid format Tuesday night to discuss confirmations for positions within CSG, introduce the student organization Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) in Action and express support for the recent student organization cross-cultural event.

To start the meeting, LSA junior Karthik Pasupula confirmed LSA sophomore Bipasha Ray as chief programming officer and LSA junior Joyce Zhu as student organization funding committee vice chair. Both were confirmed without opposition.

A group of representatives from student organization CAPS in Action, which is affiliated with CAPS, spoke on their mission to promote students’ mental health through counseling and therapy, as well as other programming.

On the topic of mental health, LSA sophomore Zeina Eltahawy expressed concerns about the lack of mental health resources at the University of Michigan.

“Even though there are resources present on campus, they are very hard to access and when you do access them, it’s a very long process, and because there are so many people at this University, it’s so hard to provide access or to provide resources for everyone,” Eltahawy said.

LSA freshman Quincy Tressel reported that about 83% of students at the University are experiencing mild to severe difficulty staying motivated for classes, and about 66% of them are having sleep difficulties. These stats, she said, are higher than expected, and besides individual counseling sessions, CAPS also offers group therapy, crisis walk-ins, case management, in-depth screening and peer counseling to help those who are struggling. 

Tressel said CSG can help CAPS in its efforts to improve mental health at the University by raising awareness about the on-campus resources CAPS offers to students. 

“I feel like it’s just important to get more awareness out,” Tressel said. “A lot of people don’t know about all that CAPS has to offer. A lot of people just know about counseling sessions. But as we talked about today, there’s apps, group therapy and a lot more offered. So I think more awareness, in general, would help CAPS and CAPS in Action.”

LSA junior Jarek Schmanski then proposed an amendment to the CSG constitution that would change the procedures of vacant assembly appointments.

“Essentially we just made a few minor adjustments,” Schmanski said. “Most particularly we added a clause that specified that any nominee for the position would have to satisfy the same background as what we expect for someone that would run for election. Namely, this would mean that they are currently enrolled with the degree-granting unit that they hope to represent.”

The amendment passed with unanimous approval. 

The meeting then turned to community concerns. CSG hosted a cross-cultural event this past Sunday where student organizations presented various representations of their cultures and shared food with each other. Engineering junior Maria Fields, one of the organizers, said she was pleased with the event and hopes for it to continue in the future. 

“It went well,” Fields said. “I think since CSG sponsored (the event), I figured I would let you all know how that went. It was exciting, and I hope to do something like this again, and I think everyone had a lot of fun — at least from what I could tell.”

CSG vice speaker Aarushi Ganguly, a Public Health junior, attended the event and also said she hoped to continue it. 

“There were quite a lot of people coming out to support all the different (organizations),” Ganguly said. “It was really well done and I think there’s room to have this event going forward every semester.” 

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