The University of Michigan’s Central Student Government met Tuesday evening to discuss equity and inclusion initiatives for admissions into student organizations and a resolution on financial funding that would provide students in need with basic items necessary for online student life. 

First, a second draft of a resolution to enact requirements to ensure equity and inclusion in student organizations was introduced by Rackham student Hayden Jackson, CSG Rackham representative. 

Previously, the first draft called for student organizations with a selective admissions process to waive member dues that exceed $50 per semester for students experiencing financial hardship. It would also require a faculty adviser to be present during the admissions process, and the organization would need to allow for admission both fall and winter terms.

This new draft would shift to placing equity and inclusion efforts in the hands of the student organization Wolverine Consulting Group, a CSG-based organization that provides consulting services and start-up funds for student organizations, instead of using an advisor. 

Jackson outlined the logistics of the newly proposed resolution and explained how student organizations would interact with WCG . 

“The default method here is required consulting with your Wolverine Consulting Group are two things: The first being that you have to consult with the group at least once a year regarding your admissions criteria, really thinking critically about what you’re looking for in a new member,” Jackson said. “And then the other thing being… giving a report on the recruiting process each time, with a particular emphasis on a reflection of how you think equity went and how it could be improved in the future.”

Jackson also noted that consulting with WCG could potentially be replaced with another Student Organization Committee Director and Treasurer-approved individual within, a policy put in place to address  unspecified policy-related concerns from the University’s Office of General Counsel. 

The resolution will be voted on at a later meeting.

LSA junior Tyler Watt, LSA Student Government presidential candidate, summarized his campaign platform and shared links to his endorsement form and other information. 

Watt’s campaign platform focuses on the five key areas of accountability, sustainability, diversity, solidarity and accessibility. He noted goals in the areas of fossil fuel divestments, repealing the $500 international student fee, transparency in the University’s cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and establishing increased affordable housing through the Inter-Cooperative Council.

“These are ambitious but attainable goals, mainly because there’s other groups on campus who are already working toward these,” Watt said. “It’s our goal to bring groups together to work with governments such as Central Student Government in order to bring these goals and incentives to fruition.”

Rackham student Claire Liu, Rackham Student Government secretary, proposed a financial request to support up to $50 per student to purchase fitness equipment, personal hygiene products, childcare products, health needs, automotive needs, housing needs, parking and transportation and academic needs. The proposal would grant relatively small funds to individual students through an application system. 

“Applications will be selected randomly and approved until funds run out,” the proposal states. “New funding opportunities will become available at the beginning of each week. Approximately 40 grants will be funded each week for 5 weeks during the pilot period. Applications received beyond the allocated number of grants available will automatically be reconsidered for funding during the following week’s funding period.”

The resolution will be voted on during a later meeting.

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