Following the initiatives put forth on behalf of LSA Student Government, Central Student Government briefly convened Tuesday night to introduce a resolution supporting the proposal to rename the C.C. Little Science Building.

LSA SG President Nicholas Fadanelli, an LSA senior, was the co-sponsor of the CSG resolution with other CSG representatives. The resolution supported renaming the C.C. Little Science Building and opened discussion on the resolution by sharing some of the context of it.

“It is very different to remember our history — both its dark moments and its finer ones — and to explicitly glorify a man who believed a lot students on this campus should not have been born,” Fadanelli said. 

Presiding student government bodies like Rackham Student Government have already passed resolutions or discussed efforts in support of the 20-page proposal, which was put forth by LSA faculty and spearheaded by associate History professor John Carson.

Fadanelli further pressed CSG to take action, calling upon the assembly to release a statement in support of the name change after smaller governing bodies have taken part in the support of the name change.

“We would love to have CSG on board, not only to support the policy, but also release a statement so that campus knows this is an important issue for all of us,” he said.

Late last month, in the midst of a week of filled with protests in response to racist graffiti found on the dorms of West Quad Residence Hall, LSA SG passed a resolution denouncing the ex-University President Clarence Little’s troubling past, including his involvement with eugenics.

That same week, hundreds of University students showed up to voice their concerns and support the name change of the C.C. Little Science Building at a public forum hosted on behalf of LSA SG at the end of the week of protests. The protests delayed the panel, which was a further point of concern for many, as all the speakers were white.

Fadanelli said in an earlier statement he supports future dialogue about renaming the C.C. Little Building.

“I just hope that all these people that came out here tonight sign the petition and we keep having this conversation … because this is an important conversation to have, as much as possible,” Fadanelli said.

CSG itself has not released any official statement on C.C. Little or the series of racist incidents on campus, unlike the past administration.

CSG President Anushka Sarkar, an LSA senior, has tweeted support of students on campus and has urged students to sign a petition on the renaming of the building.

However, the assembly has briefly touched on the protests that occurred that week and other racist incidents, even in their attendance in SACUA.

While Sarkar didn’t speak on the issue, CSG Vice President Nadine Jawad, a Public Policy junior, commented on the effort led by LSA SG.

In reference to a SACUA meeting with University President Mark Schlissel, who expressed looking at history in terms of the cultural and societal standards of the time during the ex-president’s tenure, Jawad retorted, pressing the normalization of the president’s name on campus serves a greater deal in portraying the values of campus.

“I think that the biggest thing to note with this is — kind of what Nicholas highlighted on the sense of glorifying something that should not be glorified — there’s other ways to look back at history, but I think when we name a building it becomes to normalized into our everyday systems on campus that we totally forget to check in and see what it was that that president did or what the history entails,” Jawad said.

She also addressed the need for students to feel safe and welcome on campus, stating the process should not be as difficult as the student government bodies have experienced.

“A simple name building change should not be that hard to do,” Jawad said.

The resolution is currently in first-reads and will be discussed further next week.

Currently, the proposal in support of the name change is under further consideration by University President Mark Schlissel’s Advisory Committee on University History. Depending on Schlissel’s motivation to voice these concerns to the University Regents, the widespread efforts to officially change the name of the C.C. Little Science Building remain stalled.

The resolution to bring chargers to Shapiro Undergraduate Library was unanimously passed again to increase funding allocated for shipping costs. 

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