Courtesy of Josh Sinha

The University Central Student Government hosted a cross-cultural event Sunday evening to showcase performers from various cultural organizations on campus. Students shared personal presentations representative of their heritage, which included dance, poetry and instrumental performances. The acts were followed by a potluck among the student organizations, featuring food from around the world. 

Engineering junior Maria Fields, organizer of the event, said she hoped that the celebration would provide a casual platform that would enable different student organizations on campus to share and celebrate their cultures with others.

“I realized that a lot of the communities are very active individually,” Fields said. “But there aren’t very many opportunities where we’re all coming together.”

The event included performances from various Asian, African and Middle Eastern cultural organizations, such as: rXn, Revolution Chinese Yoyo, Moli Dance Troupe, African Students Association, VeryUs, Iraqi American Union and Sinaboro

Yousuf Altameemi, a senior at Wayne State University, attended the event in support of the Iraqi American Union, and told The Michigan Daily that the presentations encouraged him to recognize commonalities between various cultural groups.

“I think it’s beautiful that we’re way far away from where we come from, yet we still hold the traditions,” Altameemi said. 

These traditions came in many different forms as the groups showcased their cultures through dance, yo-yo, poetry and an instrumental performance. 

Business sophomore Annie Huang said she enjoyed seeing the different mediums of performances. 

“I feel like the other main performances I usually see (are) just dancers,” Huang said. 

The event was the first cross-cultural event sponsored by CSG and came after Fields sponsored a resolution last month. She told The Daily that she hopes CSG will be able to sponsor many more events like this during the winter semester. 

“I want to try and do another one next semester,” Fields said. “My big dream for this ultimately would be to have it on the Diag and have thousands of people attend.”

Fields also said she hopes this event will help improve CSG’s outreach.

“I think that by actually holding tangible events that students can participate in, and going beyond just resolutions and conversations within assembly, it does a lot more and it also makes CSG outreach larger,” Fields said.

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