Central Student Government met Tuesday night to pass a resolution to place a charging station in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library. The assembly also discussed removing the LSA course guides usually sent out to freshmen before they arrive for orientation due to the amount of paper used for a document that the representatives argued is not often utilized by incoming students.

In addition, CSG briefly touched on the racist fliers found on campus this morning. CSG President Anushka Sarkar, an LSA senior, spoke on the possibility amending the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities to address bias incidents, as the current version does not have a policy and thus has no means to punish violators. While Sarkar did not directly address the flyers themselves, CSG Vice President Nadine Jawad, a Public Policy senior, mentioned the racist incident in passing and thanked those CSG representatives who took photos of the racist flyers, saying if they received updates from the Dean of Students Office, students would be informed.

Returning to the assembly’s agenda, CSG then allocated funding for a charging station to be placed on the first floor of the Undergraduate Library.

The $699 charging station would be paid for solely by CSG. However, any costs associated with maintenance and upkeep would be furnished by the library. The resolution was written by LSA junior Ali Rosenblatt, vice speaker of CSG, and was passed unanimously 31 to 0.

CSG also proposed the possibility of removing the LSA course guides from new-student orientation packets. CSG representative Zoha Qureshi, an LSA junior, proposed the idea and spoke on the work she had done with Newnan Advising Center to implement a reduction in the course guide’s production.

“It’s a really thick packet of a lot of paper that just gets wasted because a lot students don’t end up using it,” Qureshi said. 

She went on to advocate for more student input in the matter of removing the course guides, as well as the reformation of the now-defunct Student Advisory Committee to LSA Advising.

CSG also used the short meeting to recall two Rackham representatives who had failed to attend any meetings throughout the entire seventh assembly. The vote to recall was the first in CSG history under the new rules for representative removal.

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