In their second meeting of the semester Tuesday evening, Central Student Government discussed the continuation of early gameday dining hours, the state of its demographics report and the finance committee’s activity funding plan.

CSG President David Shafer, an LSA senior, began his executive communications report by discussing the success of the gameday dining hall hours initiative. The effort began last year when CSG partnered with University Dining to open South Quad, Bursley and Hill dining halls early on gameday Saturdays.

The 2016 football season kicked off with two noon games, which tends to prompt drinking earlier in the day than a 3:30 p.m. game. This past game day, CSG funded the early opening of South Quad at 8 a.m. instead of its regular 9 a.m. opening, aiming to promote eating a substantial breakfast before tailgating.

“Between that first hour of 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., when CSG held the early opening of the dining hall, 865 students ate at just South Quad alone,” Schafer said.

Schafer also updated the body on his announcement last week that assembly members would receive a demographic questionnaire to determine the cross-section of the student body they currently represent, saying 95 percent of representatives had filled it out within the week. 


During Tuesday’s meeting, the finance committee reported its activity funding plans. Currently, each student pays $9.19 from their tuition fees to CSG, which contributes to the body’s $400,000 budget for the semester.

According to the committee, its budget is split evenly between the Student Organization Funding Committee, the committee responsible for allocating funds to student organizations, and CSG’s own operations.

Chief of Staff Noah Betman, an LSA senior, also announced that CSG will be launching a pilot college readership program with The New York Times this October. The program will last for seven weeks, during which students will be able to use their University email to gain 24 hours of access to all of The New York Times archives on all of their past publications.

Additionally, CSG confirmed the nominations of five executive advisers. Engineering sophomore A.J. Ashman and Public Policy junior Nadine Jawad were elected as senior policy advisers; LSA junior Zena Shunnar was elected as deputy programming officer; Public Policy senior Joe Shea was elected as communications director; and LSA junior Megan Van Ermen was elected as infrastructure commission chair.

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