The University of Michigan Central Student Government met Tuesday night to introduce and discuss the NET plan — narrative, equity and transformation — an inclusivity program to enhance diversity and inclusion among student organizations on campus.

The NET plan is part of the University’s commitment to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion on campus.

Public Health junior Lloyd Lyons, a diversity peer educator, explained the purpose of the NET plan.

“The NET plan is a narrative, equity and transformation program within student organizations on campus,” Lyons said. “This program was created to fulfill the needs that a lot of organizations felt that they were missing, that they didn’t have all voices represented, and that they didn’t have different people within their organizations.”

Lyons said this program is an attempt to connect students with the DEI program. Diversity peer educators, such as Lyons, work towards diversity and inclusion that is tailored to students’ experiences on campus. The NET plan was developed in response to multiple student organization requests, wanting to enhance their diversity and inclusion.

Implementation of the NET plan would mean conducting demographic and climate surveys for student organization and establishing an inclusivity plan tailored to that organization.

Other resolutions included the Survivor Empowerment Fund, which calls for the allocation of $5,000 to support the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center and other sexual assault empowerment organizations on campus. This fund would sponsor events and guest speakers.

LSA junior Izzy Baer, CSG vice president, explained how the Survivor Empowerment Fund is a way to increase survivors’ opportunities, as SAPAC would be able to put on more events and host more speakers.

“They don’t have funding for projects that they would otherwise have wanted to do,” Baer said.

Public Policy senior Daniel Greene, CSG president, closed the meeting with an announcement about an upcoming mental health event to help students cope with stress during finals.

“On Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 6:00 p.m., we will be holding a workshop led by the director of CAPS (Counseling and Psychology Services), which will be titled, ‘10 things you can do right now to reduce your finals anxiety and stress,’” Greene said.


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