The University of Michigan Central Student Government convened Tuesday night via Zoom to discuss campus quarantining facilities and confirm ex-officio appointments. 

The Assembly passed a motion to amend the budget to allow CSG to fund necessary supplies for students in campus quarantine housing. The University quarantine facilities on North Campus have been criticized for being unsanitary, lacking cleaning supplies and having unsatisfactory meal services.

Rackham student Hayden Jackson said CSG is working with the Maize & Blue Cupboard and the Environment, Health and Safety department to get quarantined students supplies.

“(The University’s) campus and quarantine housing has been totally unacceptable,” Jackson said. (CSG) would like to make sure (it is) funding necessary supplies for these students.”

After a viral TikTok highlighted the state of the quarantining facility, the University promised to provide microwaves and deliver meals in microwavable packaging.

LSA transfer student Jasmine Jia, who is currently in University quarantine housing, spoke about the conditions and supplies available at the facility.

“I already got my microwave but there are no cleaning supplies or kitchen supplies,” Jia said.

CSG President Amanda Kaplan, Public Policy senior, also mentioned that the CSG Research and Polling commission would not be reinstated this year.

“Last year (the commission) was pretty ineffective,” Kaplan said. “As chief of staff, I saw how (the commission) held everything up so I wanted to try something new out.”

The Assembly also confirmed ex-officio appointments. Ex-officio members represent different identities within the campus community, such as transfer and international students.

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