The University of Michigan Central Student Government convened Tuesday night in the Michigan Union to discuss asking the University to end their contract with Delta Air Lines and to revise CSG procedures in light of upcoming elections. 

Delta Air Lines made hundreds of deportation flights for ICE in 2019. The resolution sponsors recommend University staff fly with airlines that have refused to participate in deportation flights, including American, Southwest and United. Delta provides discounted rates for University staff. 

Rackham student Siddharth Singh Chaudhari raised financial and convenience concerns about eliminating the contract. He noted Delta flights are the primary way to get to Europe and Asia from Michigan. 

“In proposing to suspend the contract with Delta, I wonder if, given the reality of Delta’s relationship with DTW actually, would it allow University employees to continue to purchase Delta tickets paying full price, actually give them more money in the long-run instead of taking the discount we have as a result of the contract,” Chaudhari said. 

Social Work student Cecelela Tomi pointed out the greatest discount for University employees is about 10 percent. She suggested including rate information in the resolution. 

“It might help to say that we don’t have that much of a financial stake in this, anyways,” Tomi said. 

Later in the meeting, Rackham student Austin Glass raised concerns about campaign finance and procedures ahead of the upcoming March elections. Assembly members proposed raising finance caps — the maximum amount candidates for CSG can spend on their own campaigns — from $50 to $150 and removing the limit on CSG candidates from emailing listservs they do not control. 

“A number of the members of the committee expressed hesitation in (lifting the listserv ban), in particular because of the impact we worry it will have on the quality of CSG elections, the engagement that students show in CSG elections if one CSG candidate can simply win elections by emailing as many listservs as they have access to,” Glass said. “So, we worry about the effects of that on CSG’s reputation on campus and the good future of the organization on campus.”

The resolutions discussed at the meeting were all sent back to committees.

The Assembly also confirmed Law student Meghan Patero as Student General Counsel. 

Additionally, the CSG Executive Nominations Committee reported that she desires to stay apolitical as Student General Counsel and believes in interpreting governing documents regardless of her personal opinions.

This article has been corrected to note Medical student Whit Froehlich, CSG Speaker of the Assembly, ran the meeting, as it is part of the Speaker’s normal duties. His running of the meeting was unrelated to the attendance of CSG President Ben Gerstein. Additionally, a quote in this article was inccorectly attributed to Rackham student Hayden Jackson when it was from Rackham student Austin Glass. This article has also been updated to clarify the resolutions discussed at the meeting were not all sent back to the Rules committee.

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