Avi dog:

A few days ago, when I woke up, I went to the kitchen and my mom was there with the radio playing “The Middle.” I took a peek through the gate, and there I saw my dog Sully. Sully is small and has light fur, big eyes and a cute little nose. She also does not like getting flipped on her belly.

I saw her dancing. She was shaking her head and tail up, down, right and left. Then, I went to the kitchen and turned off the radio. Then she saw me and stared at me. When she was staring at me, I felt like she was a little nervous because I was watching her. I also felt like she was mad because she kept on staring at me for a long time. I like to dance, too, but not in front of people.

I opened the gate. Then, I picked up her blue ball and threw it. She went to get it, and when she came to me, I put my hand in front of her. She dropped the ball in my hand. After this happened, I took a nap and I dreamed about Sully’s talent and that she would be a good avi dog. She could be an avi dog that lives in the mountains and protects people from avalanches. 

George Washington:

One day, when I was at school, my teacher handed me a Scholastic News because we were picking partners and doing our work with each other. I choose my best friend, Jasmine. When we opened the Scholastic News to the first page, we saw some facts about George Washington. We both read one, and I read that George Washington did not actually want to be president. He did it anyway, even though he did not want to. The next fact that Jasmine read was that he got really sick a lot. He had lots of diseases so that is how he died.


It was the day of Halloween, and my teacher told me and my class that we could dress up as what we would be wearing on Halloween. After school, I put on my costume and went out trick or treating. Outside, it was very dark and the houses were spooky. Lots of people were dressed up in different costumes. I saw a man in a creepy clown costume. He was wearing a hat on his head that was all black, a red suit, and googly eyes on his glasses like a creepy mad scientist clown. I was on the sidewalk, and there were fog machines so I couldn’t see anything. It made me feel like someone was coming after me. I like Halloween because I like getting the chance to dress up.

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