Jarrett Orr/Daily; Keith Melong/Daily

From family to pets to nature, these photographs embody love to the Daily’s Photostaff.

Clockwise from top left: Aunt and nephew playing at the beach in Costa Rica. Jarrett Orr and sisters on Christmas when he was about a year old (Courtesy of Jarrett Orr/Daily). Family outside Hill Auditorium at the White Coat ceremony (Keith Melong/Daily).

Left: Bubbe in her driveway during a socially distanced lunch (Sarah Boeke/Daily). Right: Roommates back at the Big House (Gabby Ceritano/Daily).

Clockwise from left: Dad on the bamboo forest section of the Pipiwai Trail on the road to Hana in Maui (Tess Crowley/Daily). Sunrise in Maui (Kate Hua/Daily). Shaved ice with sister in Maui (Tess Crowley/Daily).

Left: Lulu (José Brenes/Daily). Right: View from roof in September (Anna Fuder/Daily).

Clockwise from left: Sister this summer on Long Beach Island, New Jersey (Grace Beal/Daily). In the car from Montana to Texas (Julianne Yoon/Daily). Ivy (Maddie Hinkley/Daily).

Left: Hadi Beidoun swings on the shore of Lake Michigan at Bay Harbor golf course (Ali Chami/Daily). Right: Jasper (Jeremy Weine/Daily).

This Visual Statement was compiled and written by Senior Statement Photo Editor Jeremy Weine, who can be reached at jweine@umich.edu, with help from Managing Statement Editor Grace Tucker, who can be reached at tuckergr@umich.edu.