In September of 2018, I could not have imagined the room I walked into for an interview had as much soul, as many inside jokes and as much respect as it did and does. The Holly and John Madigan Newsroom and the building at 420 Maynard holds such a special place in the hearts of those who have worked there. Though that love was ever present in the staff throughout the years, I know I didn’t appreciate it in the moment as much as I wish I had. I took for granted being in a crowded, hot room listening to elections for hours. I didn’t appreciate the screaming in the corner from the sports section to the TV. I didn’t see the beauty in the environment as fully as I do now looking back on it. It had been over a year since I was in the newsroom at the Stanford Lipsey Student Publications Building. Visiting this week, though there are moving boxes everywhere, posters still waiting to be put up and no one at the desks, the energy remains. Every poster, memento and couch are held in the precious memories of hundreds of people. Though we may not be back this semester, no matter how long we are away from the newsroom, those memories, that energy, will be waiting for us.