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Michigan Stadium has taken on a big role in the fight against COVID-19 recently – The Jack Roth Stadium Club, which normally serves as the premier event space of the Big House, now holds about a half dozen tables, prepped and ready to administer hundreds of COVID-19 vaccine does each day. For those eligible, the vaccine provides a beacon of security, and a reminder that the world will return to normal soon enough.

The clinic operates like a well oiled, finely tuned machine, running a process that has been executed tens of thousands of times by now. Behind a curtain, a Michigan Medicine employee works tirelessly to prepare syringes and vaccine vials to be delivered to the nurses, then into the arms of eager patients. After their vaccination, patients wait in a designated area for 15 minutes while nurses recharge to give yet another shot out of the hundreds administered each day. 

The same towering maize and blue scoreboard that once proudly displayed football scores has changed to show another proud statistic — 65,000 total vaccine doses delivered. Almost universally, people exit the clinic with a band-aid and a smile, relieved to finally feel a sense of safety from the pandemic. 

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