College often feels like a whirlwind of checking Canvas, reading an absurd amount of lengthy pdfs, note-taking, long walks, game day excitement and fraternity parties. As much as I enjoy day-to-day endeavors like these, sometimes I miss activities that are more wholesome.

Earlier this week, the social chair of my sorority texted my pledge class to let us know we were invited to go bowling with one of the fraternities. Both she and the frat boys were a bit surprised when 40 women wanted to go on this outing. I am apparently not the only one looking for a Tuesday night activity aside from watching an asynchronous lecture or one that requires finding a jacket I am fine with losing to the vacuum of frat house couches.

When I am in Ann Arbor, I often forget to bring my camera places that are not assignments for the Daily. Lucky for me, my camera bag was laying out for the taking before we left. Bowling is admittedly a hard activity to take photos of as a result of the fun, yet dim lights and general chaos. Regardless, I had so much fun hanging out with my friends and everyone that came along.

Admittedly, we may need to go back soon — not many scores made it higher than double digits!

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